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The speedcam alerter for Nokia n8xx

FoxyTag Instructions
   - Usage
   - Speedcam actions
   - Configuration


SpeedcamAlerter uses N810 internal GPS device to locate your car and when you are approcaching a speedcam, SpeedcamAlerter alerts you.

Important message
At this time, SpeedcamAlerter is only available in test mode (no way to connect with your login to FoxyTag server). In test mode you are connected to a test database use which is used to test the system before using your real account. This test database is updated regularly but is not up to date !
SpeedcamAlerter is completely free and open source, but FoxyTag is now a commercial product (1st of July,2009). Applications that use FoxyTag database must pay for each user connection and an amount of money is requested by admins to validate applications (~180). So SpeedcamAlerter will need your contribution to works (about 2 for all charges) if number of users is sufficient ;-)


Powered by FoxyTag
FoxyTag is a free, legal and collaborative system to signal speed cameras on mobile phones. If you participate by signaling new cameras or by confirming existing ones, you create trust links with the other users and benefit from more reliable information. This collaborative model makes that FoxyTag is today the most complete and up to date speed camera database in the world.

SpeedcamAlerter is based on a large radar view that shows speedcam near your position.
All actions are made tapping on the radar : Add, remove and confirm speedcams.
SpeedcamAlerter also displays your current speed and distance to the closest speedcam.

FoxyTag Instructions

To avoid to be excluded from the system because of misusing the application, please learn the following points:
Very important User must tag or confirm when he is as close as possible to the speed camera and not already as soon as he sees the camera. Otherwise there will be a second tag for the same camera and other users will decrease his trust links.
Very important A camera inside a tunnel or close to a tunnel exit (typically less than 10 seconds after the exit) must be tagged at the tunnel entry.
Very important When the tagging needs several user-interactions (like first choosing the kind of camera and then choosing its direction), it is when he presses the first button that the current position is recorded. User can therefore take as much time as he needs to finish the tagging process.
Important It is useless to confirm several times the same speed camera. In some particular situations this can even be bad for his trust links.
Important In case of a doubt it is better not to tag instead of tagging wrong. Many users think that if they forget to tag or to confirm a speed camera their trust links will decrease, which is wrong.
Info If user misuses the application (like confirming a speed camera when he is not close enough) his trust links will decrease and he risks therefore to be excluded from the system.
Info If there can be a doubt whether a camera can flash in both directions or not, it is better to tag for both directions.
Info A traffic light camera should be tagged and treated like a speed camera.



Launch application using application menu, then gps starts automatically.
When gps is fixed, radar view appears and SpeedcamAlerter tries to connect to internet using configured data connection.
When connection is established, it downloads all speedcams near your current position and it displays them in the radar view.
SpeedcamAlerter automatically updates speedcams when necessary. It stays all the time connected to internet but no data are transfered, it's just to update quickly data.
To save battery, SpeedcamAlerter turns off device screen.
As soon as you approach a speedcam, screen turns on and radar view turns red to alert you camera is close to you.
A little black spot in radar border indicates north direction.
SpeedcamAlerter is and will be only available online because users must contribute to tag speedcams.

User can see different kind of speedcams:
Fixed speedcams
Mobile speedcams
Ghost speedcams (old position where speedcam existed)
Speedcam in opposite direction

Speedcam actions

FoxyTag needs to be updated by yourself to keep data the most up to date as possible. And you are the unique way to realize this!.
To realize a speedcam action you just need to tap on the radar view. Then available actions will appear and tapping again will select it.
Actions description:
Action screen will automatically disappear after some seconds.


Some options can be configured in SpeedcamAlerter.

General options
Bring to front This option brings SpeedcamAlerter on desktop foreground to make sure you see it if another application is running or if SpeedcamAlerter is minimized when speedcam approaching.
Fixed/mobile/ghost alert at (m) Threshold to alert user when speedcam approaching

Display options
Radar radius (km) Radius of the radar. Each circle represents 1 km.
Turn off screen Turn off screen to save battery.

Connections options
Data connection N8xx saved data connection to use to retrieve FoxyTag data.
Dl/ul data counter Approximative number of kilobytes downloaded/uploaded.


SpeedcamAlerter screenshots
Preferences screenshots
Help/about screenshots


All you need is in SpeedcamAlerter maemo project website:


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